Bespoke Timber Coatings are a New Zealand manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, sustainable timber flooring and wall cladding products.

Situated in Hobsonville, Auckland and supplying timber to both the retail and trade sectors, we pride ourselves on our reputation for quality products and excellent technical expertise. As such, we are happy to advise you on every step of your flooring or interior projects.

Bespoke was born after identifying a lack of diversity when opting for a prefinished timber floor. We have the ability to finish in an unrivalled range of coatings, while still allowing all the benefits of installing a pre-finished system.

We believe that timber is a truly sustainable building material and as such Bespoke Timber is dedicated to an ongoing programme of timber research and development with Forestry New Zealand's One Billion Trees Programme.



Get To Know Us

What really makes Bespoke Timber Coatings the company it is are our awesome team members! Meet the people who are standing behind the counter or working behind the scenes to make your experience with us rock. We’re dedicated to offering superior customer service and to having fun while we’re doing it.






Karen has been in the flooring industry for the past 13 years in a sales, management and technical capacity. She has a huge passion for timber flooring and coatings. Over the past decade Karen has built up an extensive technical and practical knowledge of timber coatings, and has worked closely with some of the industries top coatings manufacturers throughout her career. 

Karen is the chairwoman of the ATFA NZ Committee and is well respected in the industry. She has long standing relationships within the industry throughout the country and has always been a trusted source of information.






Matt has flooring in his DNA with his family being heavily involved with the commercial side of the industry. Along with his background in flooring, Matt spend a large portion of his working life in the print industry which has stood him in good stead starting up our production facility. 

Matt has great relationships in the New Zealand flooring sector and has quickly gained the respect of his peers due to his work ethic, always going above and beyond to ensure the success of his customers. His knowledge, humour, enthusiasm and attention to detail are second to none.



Office Admin



If you call or visit Bespoke Timber, Jules may be the first person you encounter. Originally from Ireland she's been in NZ for quite a while now and but she still has the accent.  Send her an email or a text if you have an enquiry and she'll happily get back to you with more info.


Production Manager

Since Ex- blueberry farm owner Simon joined the Bespoke Timber team it's felt like he's been here since the beginning. Responsible for making sure our quality is as high as it can be and confident our clients receive top-notch service.


General Dude

When we added Blake to the team, we really felt like we were expanding our family. We’re so lucky to have such a wonderful ping pong player!


Office - 021 583 386

Unit 1, 4 Laurenson Road


Auckland 0618

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