Engineered Timber Flooring is a thick layer of real timber (usually European or American Oak) adhered to a substrate of plywood. This is the most popular type of timber flooring installed around the world. There are numerous benefits when choosing Engineered Timber Flooring over the more traditional hardwood floors:


An Oak floor provides a perfect surface to coat and colour as it takes will to most colours, textures and styles - hence being referred to as the perfect “blank canvas”.

We can either pre-finish your flooring at our warehouse or finish on-site, whatever your preference.  

This versatility allows us to create a bespoke timber floor for you - exactly how you want it.​ 


Our Engineered Timber Flooring has a wear layer that ranges from 3-6mm.  The 6mm layer allows for at least 4-5 re-sands before a replacement is required - putting it on par with solid timber.

Depending on the profile selected, our Engineered Timber Flooring can be installed as either a floating floor (3mm Uniclick profiles) or using a full glue down method (4 and 6mm tongue & groove profiles or 3mm Uniclick profiles).

For optimum results we recommend gluing the timber to the sub-floor.


The slow-growing Oak is limited and showcased on the top, thick wear layer with the faster growing ply substrate used underneath.  This helps ensure the finished product is a far more sustainable option over solid timber flooring.